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ServTek: mobile service software
You’ve worked hard to build a service-oriented business, and it’s paying off. You have people – good people – who work inside your office as well as out in the field. But with success comes a new set of problems:
  • Poor communication between office staff and service technicians
  • Hard to manage job queue
  • Delayed or missed entry of paper-based information
  • Delayed credit card payments
  • Difficulty of foremen managing teams from the field
  • Double or triple entry of information
So, what’s the solution? Sending your techs out with a clipboard and running things with spreadsheets in the back office is simply no longer an option. Neither is some online CRM written by some guys who have never heard of you — or maybe even your industry.
What you need is custom-built mobile service software that works on ruggedized tablets and office desktops. That links your team to each other instantly. That runs credit cards if you need them, or doesn’t if that’s not how you bill. Something with forms that make sense to your service techs, that captures the right information in the field, along with photos and your customers’ signatures.

ServTek Core mobile service software gives us a great starting point to build you the perfect, customized app designed around your business model. Servtek Core has features common to most field service techs: A job queue, customer contact info, maps and directions, work orders and invoices, signature capture, photo capture, and optional credit card processing with a card swiper. We can add on any other features you may need that are specific to your business and industry — forms, reports, calendar features, telephone message transcription, etc. The sky’s the limit!

ServTek: mobile service software

Tap the Info button to see your next location on a map. Tap again to see it full-screen, with driving directions.

ServTek: mobile service software

Enter invoice line items and cost. Change the job status. Snap a selfie with your handiwork. Almost done!

ServTek: mobile service software

Swipe a credit card through a reader on your ruggedized iPad. Get a signature. Send a receipt to your customer. Done!

mobile service software

ServTek Core’s Desktop app gives you all of the functionality of the Mobile version, plus administrative capabilities and a host of valuable reports.

ServTek runs on the powerful FileMaker development platform. We can deliver custom functionality to you for a fraction of the cost of most software developers.
mobile service software
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