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ServTek Field Service App

Alchemy Webinar: Mobility for Field Service Teams

If you missed Alchemy Consulting President Bob Shockey’s 35-minute webinar, presented in conjunction with FileMaker, Inc. on August 8, 2017, you missed out on the opportunity to see how quickly a new custom field service […]

Technology and Business: A Love Story

Here at Alchemy Consulting Group, we provide software for business data organization using FileMaker to create a customized software solution. We love FileMaker for all its functionality and customization features. Our love of bringing technology […]

Filemaker: An Overview

In today’s world, if you ignore advances in technology there is a good chance that your business could get left in the dust. NASA may still use old computing technology, but the day to day […]

FileMaker Dynamic Gradient Layouts

Dynamic Gradient Layouts

Hopefully, you have had time to check out some of the fantastic new features in FileMaker 16. One of the more useful features, from a development standpoint, is the Layout Objects palette. This shows you […]

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