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return on investment

Calculating ROI on Custom Software

Anyone who has ever tried to purchase a car based on gas mileage knows that real-world results are different from what’s written on the sticker. It’s even harder with custom software, because there is no […]

Experience and Style

Experience & Style

Alchemy Consulting Group president Bob Shockey is speaking at the Experience & Style conference in Chicago on Tuesday, October 22. If you have not yet heard about this important conference, please check it out at experienceandstyle.com. Bob’s topic: […]


Interface Copy Rules

I found a great article from a designer at Google Ventures, about how to use text in interface design. Anyone who follows Alchemy Group knows that we focus heavily on the visual design aspects of […]

2013-07-30 11.13.50

New Digs!

As of August 1, the AG team has moved into a new, 1200 square foot office space in San Dimas. We are very excited to be in a new space that gives us room to […]

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