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Why You Should Upgrade To FileMaker 15

You will most probably have heard about the release of Filemaker 15 and could be contemplating whether to upgrade to it or not. As with any new release of any software, Filemaker 15 comes with […]


New: FileMaker 15!

FileMaker, Inc., a subsidiary of Apple, has released its latest version of the powerful FileMaker platform. With FileMaker 15, lots of new possibilities arise, from managing inventory more efficiently with iBeacon and making it easier […]

FileMaker Pro FBA Platinum

Alchemy Promoted to FBA Platinum

SAN DIMAS, California — October 1, 2015 — Alchemy Consulting Group LLC, a leading FileMaker Platform developer, today announced that it has been designated as a Platinum Level FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member. Partners who […]

FileMaker Security

FileMaker Security: Be Afraid

We in the FileMaker community have enjoyed a period of relative calm when it comes to data breaches; our platform is not widely noticed among professional hackers (but also not completely unnoticed). This is called, […]


FileMaker: 20 & 30 – Wow!

FileMaker has reached two important milestones: The platform is now 30 years old, and still going strong. No longer a mom and pop database product, but a well-positioned, immensely powerful development platform to help anyone […]


14 Points for Glyphindor!

FileMaker Pro 14 offers us an exciting new database design feature: the ability to use SVG glyphs. As described below, this is a great advancement, equal in weight to the new Script Workspace and mobile […]

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